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spirituality in the public domain

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To Water my Roots -
Secular spirituality        © Radha Sahar
2 meters x 500mm Card-reinforced canvas petals, wooden hobs, wire, concrete, clay pots, bark chips, and accompanying music.

People were invited to think of a challenge or something on their minds, then to pick one of the petals from the flowers. On the back a virtue was named, and people could take a complimentary card on that virtue from a flowerpot. The cards each featured a written passage by Linda Kavelin Popov, author and co-founder of The Virtues Project. They could take the card away with them.

This piece was extremely popular during the exhibition, with people returning to participate several times. As people participated, the installation changed visually: the flowers losing all their petals. Hidden messages were revealed on the flower hobs.

Votive Vote - Secular spirituality, Interactive Installation       
650mm x 650mm x 1400mm  © Radha Sahar
Wooden structure containing six altars with installed objects. Viewers were invited to vote for their favourite altar.

Detail of structure (top) and altars, above & right. More detail in Installations page, link above

Altaration - Pink Buddha Radha Sahar
Acrylic on canvas with assemblage
550mm x 550mm

Altaration - Green Madonna Radha Sahar
Acrylic on canvas with assemblage, 550mm
In the collection of the Anglican Church, Plimmerton diocese.

Altaration - Golden Man  Radha Sahar
Acrylic on canvas with assemblage
550mm x 550mm

Altaration 2         Radha Sahar
Acrylic on canvas with assemblage. 550mm
In the collection of the Anglican Church, Plimmerton diocese.
Altaration 4         Radha Sahar
Acrylic on canvas with assemblage
550mm x 550mm. Sold
Altarcation        Radha Sahar
Acrylic on canvas with assemblage. 550mm
In the collection of the Anglican Church, Plimmerton diocese.

Gallery References for Spirituality in the Public Domain
"The exhibition was received with great interest as visitors enjoyed the complete experience with the added bonus of being able to smell and touch the works. We noticed many first time visitors and of those people, most returned several times during the show. The visitor numbers for this show were 4,382, which is impressive for the 3 week period it was open. ... The visitors here at Pataka gained insight into the work as Radha was in the gallery as often as she could be, giving talks to any groups or individuals that requested one."

Kylie Fife - Exhibition Officer, Pataka - www.pataka.org.nz

  "...an extremely successful exhibition with outstanding educational qualities. This exhibition was viewed and visited by a huge and very rich cross section of people. The uniqueness of this exhibition was in the way it considered and celebrated culture, spirit, beliefs and values. I have been astounded at the way this exhibition has been so inclusive. The nature of the work itself has provided stimulus for people of all abilities. The interactive quality of the exhibition has been perfect for a variety of learning styles. Touch, sight, sound, smell and the individual and thoughtful interaction of writing are all valuable learning and exploration tools. During the exhibition we had calls from the Blind school, and a variety of special needs groups all wanting to access this exhibition. Spirituality in the Public Domain reaches out and quietly engages people to think and connect. This exhibition will continue to inspire and affirm or many that spirit is an essential part of who we are."

Margaret Tollard- Education Programme Manager, Pataka
"...thank you for the opportunity to display your beautiful 'Spirituality in the Public Domain' exhibition. The exhibition was popular with visitors to the gallery, many of whom commented on and appreciated the opportunity to view your work. The floor talk gave the audience background information and enthusiasm with which to view the exhibition. This is confirmed by the comments given during the exhibition and the interaction of the viewers."

Amanda Dawkins - Exhibition Officer, The Bishop Suter Art Gallery

Spirituality in the Public Domain - Secular spirituality             Radha Sahar
2.4 x 1.2 meters. Blackboard paint and 70 canvas strips (painted in metallic), on a reversible, freeform panel. An ongoing photographic record accompanied this work since, when the blackboard was full, it was photographed, cleaned to be ready for new input.

Prayer Boxes for Healing- Secular spirituality                 Radha Sahar
1460mm x 1140mm Acrylic on cut canvas. Gold leaf, acrylic & ink on inserted boxes. The public contributed written prayers for balance and healing, placing them in the boxes. These remain in the painting, which is now in the Kenepuru Hospital collection.

Great Primal Beginning - Taoism       Radha Sahar
Approx. 1200mm Acrylic on three, interlocking, separate canvases. Overall piece is reversible
Viewable from both sides, this work hung, suspended like a screen from the ceiling, and wired to the floor

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