radha sahar
I n t e r a c t i v e   a r t
... weaving ideas through participation ...
The essence of my art work is interaction; many of my canvases are cut & twisted, or woven and striking visual dynamics are apparent while moving past. I often embed hidden text inside my works.

I am interested in what makes human life meaningful, and what weaves us together.

In my solo exhibition, Spirituality in the Public Domain, communities explored ideas, wrote prayers & blessings to create a brighter future. The paintings became receptacles of positive thought. I started with my own thoughts, hidden in painted layers or scrawled on the back of the canvas, or on the stretchers.

My twisted and woven canvases, (example below), are three dimensional paintings that are best viewed while moving from side to side, the most potent view from extreme left or right.

Music has been my full time work since 1987. I remain business partner with friend, David Antony Clark, sound engineer. David moved with our recording studio to Auckland. We continue adding to our catalogue for our record company, Universal Children's Audio.

I focused on painting in 2004 for my first exhibition at Pataka in 2005. In 2009 I began writing and performing songs as Baby Boomer Girl. These new, adult-contemporary songs, currently being recorded, are a dramatic genre-change from the early 'soft-styled' albums I composed for the White Cloud label, shown on this site.

Kindergarten teaching was my first profession. I studied fine arts in Otago, then left to study yoga and meditation (hence my Sanskrit name). I've served on the Trust board of Virtues Project New Zealand for many years, developing bilingual resources for New Zealand and recording A Pace of Grace to accompany the book of the same name by Canadian Author, Linda Kavelin Popov and endorsed by the Dalai Lama.

My time of late has been taken up with settling in Levin, a small country town, where my husband, Charles, and I have built a home based on sustainalbe principals and surrounded by a newly established organic garden. We also built an additional accomodation cottage, The Bach at the Patch, which may be hired via Book-a-Bach.
Contact Radha Sahar, The Patch, 45a Fairfield Rd, Levin, New Zealand
Tel: 027 539 9971        e-mail: radha.sahar@gmail.com

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