radha sahar

Votive Vote      Interactive Installation            © Radha Sahar
           650mm x 650mm x1400mm
Wooden structure & installed objects in six altars. Now in a private collection.

 Peace Prayer Wheel
       (Available to be donated to a community or spiritual organsation)            © Radha Sahar
           900mm x 900mm x900mm.  Acrylic & metallic on plastic cylinder mounted on a lazy Susan

People write prayers for peace, place them in the cylindar, then spin it.
Hear Sahar's musical composition Peace Prayers, as you take part.
Prayers will build coloured layers as the sculpture travels to various places and events:
each represented by a different coloured paper.
The above photograph was taken when it was first installed and no one had yet taken part.

Children participating...
People of all ages enjoy this interactive work. You can now see the first layer growing - (terra cotta coloured card).

To Water my Roots     (Available for hire)            © Radha Sahar
2meters x 500mm Canvas and card petals, wooden hobs, wire, concrete, clay pots, bark chips.
An interactive installation where people are invited to pick one of the petals from the flowers and turn it over. On the back a virtue is named. They may then take the appropriate card about that virtue from the flowerpots nearby. The card contains a passage about the virtue for one's spiritual nourishment.

This piece was extreemly popular during the exhibition, with people returning to participate several times. As people participate, the installation changes visually: the flowers lose all their petals and hidden messages are revealed on the flower hobs.
Hear Sahar's music as you take part.

Participation Prayer Wheel           © Radha Sahar
An interactive work in the care of the Anglican Church, Plimmerton diocese.
Three interlocking wooden circles in a shape Sahar calls a 'concentrix'.

The work lies flat on a plinth. Depending on how you place the inner two reversible cirlces,
64 secular, inclusive-language prayers may be discovered.

Youth particpate...

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